Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Anchovy cream pasta

This food uses green pumpkins in a very special way.
Fresh cream and green pumpkins are a good match.
I didn't like green pumpkins, but after I tasted it, I became enjoying it. :)

pasta, anchovy (1/2 spoon), shrimp (I used cocktail shrimps), green pumpkin(1), fresh cream(300ml), thyme, olive oil, whole bulbs of garlic(5), salt, pepper

① A green pumpkin : Slice it with a chef's knife.
② 5 whole bulbs of garlic : Slice them with a chef's knife.
③ Cocktail shrimps : Boil and soak them in a cold water for a minute, and then mix them up with thyme.
④ Pasta : Boil it for eleven minutes.

① Parch olive oil and sliced garlic until it smells like a garlic.
② Parch sliced green pumpkin and anchovy until green pumpkin becomes crispy.
③ Put 300ml of fresh cream, salt and pepper in it and then boil it for five minutes.
④ Put boiled pasta and cocktail shrimps in it and wait for three minutes.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cuttlefish spicy soap (Korean style spciy soap)

Korean name of food is "O-jing-uh chi-gei".
It's simmilat to chinese-korean dish called "Cham-pong".
Koreans like spicy foods when they have cold.
They believe if they have a cold, they sleep well, after eating a spicy food.

cuttlefish, radish(1/4), onion(1), powdered hot pepper(1 spoon), soy sauce(1 spoon), oyster sauce (1 spoon), pepper oil (1 spoon), garlic(1), water, salt

① Chop garlic up fine and cut cuttlefish suitably, and slice radish, onion.
② Parch pepper oil and chopped garlic, for a minute.
③ Put a cuttlefish in the mixture and parch for a minute.
④ Mix soy sauce and oyster sauce, and Put sliced radish and onion.
⑤ After a minute's parching, pour the water and powdered hot pepper onto it.
⑥ After water boils hard , season with salt

* tip
Powdered hot pepper is korean ingredient.
That ususally is used in "Kim-chi"Oyster sauce and pepper oil are chinese ingredient.
Occasionally, korean ingredient is the same as chinese that one

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Andong Zzim Dack - korean style steamed chicken with soy sauce

Aondong is the name of a place in korea.
Steamed chicken is different from food made with oven, Koreans make steamed chicken using hot water.
The tast is sweet and we uasually made it a little spicy. :)

chicken, potatoes(5), onion(1), korean leek, chinese noodles, soy sauce (10 spoons), sugar (5 spoons), wine (2 spoons), sesame oil (1 spoons), sesame (1 spoons), pepper, water

1. Soak the chicken in cool water for 20 minutes. (to remove blood)
2. Make a source by mixing soy sauce, sugar, wine, sesame oil, sesame, pepper.
3. Put chicken and water on the flying pan and mix the sauce(3/4)
4. Boil the mixture above.
5. Pour the sauce (1/4) onto five potatoes and one onion.
6. Soak the chinese noodle in hot water, until it is softened.
7. After potatoes are cooked put som korean leek and chinese noodle in the mixture.

* tip.
Chinese noodle need a lot of water. When you have to add the water, you should add the sauce accordingly.